Forensics at Kent, Canterbury!

Hi! I’m Diana and I spent my third year of my Forensics Science degree at Trent studying abroad at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

Going into the experience I was a ball of excitement and nerves. The type of nerves everyone gets going through airport security for the first time in a while, even though you know you aren’t breaking any laws (that feeling goes away once you hope on enough planes for little weekend trips).

The start of this experience was exciting, as I slowly began getting settled and meeting people. I had come a few days before the term started to get to know the city and I fell in love with it! Classes work a little differently at Kent, depending on what school you are studying in, but the professors are incredibly accommodating to aid with the adjustment.

I stayed in Darwin College on campus, and while many here call it a “clearance residence,” it was perfect for me! I loved having a kitchen and being able to cook for myself instead of relying on a meal plan. Plus, having come over with only a massive suitcase and a backpack, I had more than enough space in my room. Another perk of being on this side of the pond is how easy it is to travel through Europe; I am constantly planning trips with friends to the point where I go on at least one a month basically.

The experience of studying abroad builds on more than just your education; it builds your character, confidence and cultural awareness. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and I still have another 3 months until I have completed my year!


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