“Do not hesitate”

Charlotte Defries is an International Development Studies major who studied at Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar (for four months) in Quito, Ecuador, and participated in a field placement close to the city Cuenca (for another four) for a total of eight months.

It took about ten hours to arrive at her destination. When asked what attractions did you visit, Charlotte replied ” was able to see the Amazon, the Andeas, the Pacific Ocean and many other attractions such as the “Middle of the Earth”, natural hot spring and large craft markets!”

When asked what the most rewarding part of the trip was, Charlotte answered “It was getting to live with host families while in Ecuador. It was an amazing experience getting to be apart of a family and really being apart of the culture rather than just seeing it”

Charlotte learned how to speak/read/write in Spanish! She went into this exchange with very little knowledge of the language but picked it up rather quickly!

“The most interesting dish I ate while in Ecuador is a dish called “Cuy” which is a cooked guinea pig. Its a delicacy in Ecuador- especially in the countryside!”

When asked what advice she would you give someone who is contemplating studying abroad, Charlotte answered “Do not hesitate- just DO IT! Studying abroad is the best thing that has happened to me and although everyone experience is very different there is so much you can learn from it and you’ll come back a different person (for the better!)”



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