Seeing all of Malta

Briana Ippolito is an Archaeology major who spent a semester at the University of Malta in Msida, Malta. It took Briana about 12 hours to reach her destination.

“Because Malta is a small island nation, we got to experience the entire country rather than just one or two cities. Malta is so small that we were able to see every part of it and also have time to travel Europe. Sites in Malta include all of the prehistoric temples, the Azure window, the presidential palace gardens, St. Peter’s pool, Dingli Cliffs, and almost every city in the country! Outside of Malta, I visited France, Italy (and Sicily), and Germany.”

When asked what the most rewarding part of the trip was, Briana answered “Living in residence with hundreds of other international students from around the world. We learned so much from each other and got to experience the country together and now we have friends that extend numerous borders.”

When asked what the most striking culture shock was, Briana answered “The Maltese tend to have their own time schedule. Nothing quite happens on time and they refer to it as “Island time” where there is never a rush because things are always so close to each other. It is something very different from what we are used to and many of us became very frustrated with the disorganization, though we did get used to it more eventually.”

When asked what the most interesting dish you tried while abroad, Briana answered “Maltese snails! They have snails absolutely everywhere and they cook them in a crazy assortment of spices and they actually tasted really great!”pic


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