Palm Trees and Beaches in Australia

Hunter MacKinnon is a Media Studies major.  When asked why she wanted to study abroad she said she “wanted to get the opportunity to live abroad, make new friends and study new courses [that aren’t] available at Trent”.   She chose to study abroad at Southern Cross University in Australia.  “Who could say no to palm trees and beaches?” she says. Hunter received a bursary from Trent to study abroad.

She says her study abroad is going well. “Australians are very welcoming and my courses are really interesting”.  She is taking business, art history, Australian culture, and digital art and design courses at SCU.

Hunter says that SCU is similar in size to Trent and also has a big emphasis on environmental studies.  She says the Australian university system differs to the Canadian system in their degree lengths with undergraduate programs being 3 years instead of 4.

The town of Lismore, where SCU is located, has lots of great vegetarian food Hunter tells us.  As well as “lots of coffee!”

She says she has met loads of interesting people during her time abroad so far.  Her roommates in her residence apartment are from Japan, Germany, Australia and the US.  Although she technically has not had to learn a new language Hunter says she considers the Australian accents almost like having to navigate a new language.

Hunter tells us she is loving the experience of living abroad.  “It will definitely be hard to turn down more opportunities to go abroad”

Her final piece of advice to someone considering a study abroad?

“If you’re thinking about it, go for it. You will miss your friends and family but they will still be there when you go home, but the opportunity to learn about a new country and yourself will be much harder once you graduate. Go apply now!”IMG_0828


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