“It’s been awesome living in England”

Brennan Heptinstall, a Queens/Trent Con-Ed student majoring in English, is spending the winter semester abroad at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England.

“The Study Abroad program at Trent was the perfect opportunity for me to have a great adventure while not falling behind in my schooling” she says.  Brennan received a bursary through the Study Abroad program for her semester abroad and is taking two 3rd year English courses which is considered a full course load at Kent.

Brennan tells us that the University of Kent is slightly bigger than Trent in terms of the number of students. However; she says she still “feel[s] the same sense of community within the university, students, and professors”.

“England is a great place to study abroad because it is very easy as well as inexpensive to travel to other places within Europe while here”.

Brennan has grown very fond of living in the UK. “The longer I’m here, the more familiar and attached to the University as well as the town (Canterbury) it’s situated in”.  She says she has even found herself drinking a lot more tea and eating a lot more biscuits!

“My time at the University of Kent is (sadly) coming to an end” she says. “I have met some lovely people and have had some great experiences while here”.

“It will be interesting to return to Canada!”

Brennan has spent much of her spare time travelling. “I have been all around central as well as eastern England, to Scotland, Portugal, Spain, and France” she says.

She also has ambitious plans for the remainder of her time abroad. “Over the next month, I will be going to Ireland, the Netherlands, and others yet to be decided”.

“I have met interesting people from all around the world!” she says. “The nice thing about the exchange program is that meeting people from different countries is very easy as we all arrived and completed orientation together”.

Her final advice for someone considering a study abroad?

“If you are unsure or on the edge over whether or not you should pursue studying abroad, I would say go for it! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and the experiences and memories will shape you and stay with you forever”.



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