A Love for Lakes and a Year Abroad

Since I study Environmental Science, you could probably guess that I like being outdoors.

I knew when I first looked into studying abroad that I wanted to come to Canada. I imagined a country with beautiful lakes, friendly people, and plenty of wildlife – which turned out to be an accurate estimation (although I am still waiting to see a moose).

I started my undergraduate degree at Lancaster University in the UK. A small campus university not dissimilar to Trent, Lancaster lies just an hour from one of the most beautiful parts of England (in my opinion anyway) – the English Lake District.

As a small city, Lancaster is easy to get to know, and to get around. The university has a beautiful campus, encircled by a dedicated walking trail. Longer hikes are easy to get involved in with the Hiking Society, who organize walking and camping trips each weekend. Lancaster University Is known for its vast number of student societies, from the conventional; football, rugby and hockey, to the wacky; korfball, ale-drinking, and Harry Potter societies. The phrase “there’s something for everyone” definitely applies!

Trent’s location was perfect! Close (in Canadian terms) to cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, but surrounded by natural beauty. I refused to believe you could walk out of the library and jump straight into a river, until I did it in my first week! Luckily for me Trent offers a great exchange program, and an incredible range of Environmental courses. There has been so much to get involved in: from volunteering on campus in The Seasoned Spoon, with WalkHome, and in the Water Quality Centre; to exploring downtown Peterborough, the cafés, bars and theatre. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to see other parts of Canada, with some more trips planned for summer!

To anyone considering a year abroad, I would say go for it! It is such a rewarding experience, one I which will never forget!



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