A year abroad in Plymouth

Who: Andrew MacKinnon, ERSC major

Where: University of Plymouth, England

Andrew MacKinnon is an Environmental Science student completing a year abroad at the University of Plymouth in the UK.  The University of Plymouth is known for its exceptional Marine Biology program which Andrew is enjoy taking a class in.  He tells us that his classes are going well. He is taking additional classes in Environmental Science and Biology.  “They are all quite interesting,” he adds.


“[The campus] is located in downtown Plymouth and has a student population of over 27,000.”  Andrew tells us.  This is more than double the size of Trent’s student population which numbers around 10,000.  He says the campus at Plymouth University is also different from Trent because it is much more compact.

During his time in the UK Andrew has had the opportunity to meet friends from all sorts of different places.  Coupled with that he has been able to do a lot of traveling outside of school.  In the first semester alone he tells us he has had the opportunity to attended Oktoberfest in Munich, travel to France, and was able to visit Dartmoor National Park, a short drive north of Plymouth.


One downside Andrew notes is that the food in Plymouth is expensive.  “In Plymouth, the local food is a pastie.  It is similar to a Jamaican Patty, but has onion, potato and cheese.  Almost like a giant pierogi.”  Although Andrew notes that the quality of the Indian food in Plymouth is quite good.

When we asked Andrew about what advice he would give to people thinking of going abroad he said, “My advice for those thinking of studying abroad is that even though all of the visas and forms are super annoying and tedious, it is so worth it.  It is so amazing to live on the other side of the world where there are amazing friends to make, places to see and experiences to be had.”

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